M. Teresa Paiva Weed serves the people of Newport and Jamestown in District 13. From the shores of first beach and cobblestone walkways of historic hill to Artillery Park in Jamestown, Sen. Paiva Weed listens to her constituents and makes sure their voices are heard at the state house.

On Smith Hill, Teresa stands strongly for both her district and Rhode Islanders, working on issues including creation of jobs, quality education and access to affordable healthcare. In her community, she has championed initiatives to save the bay and establish renewable energy projects to bring green jobs into the state.

Sen. Paiva Weed proudly represents the people of Newport and Jamestown and has earned the trust of her fellow colleagues for her passion and perseverance on the Senate floor. In 2009, Teresa Paiva Weed was elected the first woman president of the Rhode Island Senate. She was reelected to a second term as President of the Senate in 2011, and a third term in 2013.